The Mongoose Jam is a tribute to the camaraderie within BMX, joining seasoned pros and aspiring new talent alike to help build the BMX community. 

As the oldest BMX brand, Mongoose has been in the game since 1974 with Skip Hess’ development of the MotoMag wheel and has played a key role ever since in the evolving sport of BMX.

Mongoose continues this legacy with the Jam, bringing seasoned pros together with young, rising talent to help pass the torch to the next generation.

With fewer BMX events taking place in 2012, Mongoose set out to create a new and unique competition for the top BMX Pro and Amateur riders in the world that has now become a staple in the action sports event landscape.

Now entering its fifth year, the Mongoose Jam is expanding from one event to three separate events around the globe. Each event will have its own format all designed to push the progress of BMX while providing a stage where the newest young talent can be discovered.